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Well Tumblr it’s that time of the year again. It’s heart breaking I even have to remind people of this.

As we approach the Halloween season if you have a black cat [especially an indoor/outdoor one] it’s time to make sure they stay inside. Unfortunately around this time of the year people think it’s funny to harass and harm them. It makes me sick to my stomach but some people even go as far as to ‘sacrifice’ them. Most adoption groups won’t even adopt them out during this month. I’ve even heard of people trying to harass them when they see them sitting in windows of houses. It’s horrible and not funny but it’s important to protect them.

So if you or anyone you know has a black cat make sure they are aware of where the cat is. And if you see anyone hurting or harassing them [or any cat!] speak up, they can’t do it for themselves.

Reblogging because I’d cut a bitch if they hurt my baby boy, Ninja

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Anonymous asked: No I think I like u like u like u

If you knew me, you wouldn’t be saying that

Anonymous asked: I like u

And I love you, random citizen!

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